PRIVATE: Why Will All DAG Crypto Projects Fail?

What is a DAG? directed acyclic graph DAG is a kind of graph that allows the representation of a set of data interconnected with each other. In the form of circles also called nodes, connected by lines that simulate the flow of data between the different points within the graph. Fantom, Aleph Zero, and HBAR are some of the most famous DAG crypto projects. They will all fail eventually,

Among the possible disadvantages of DAG technology, we can say that they are not totally decentralized. Most of the protocols based on DAGs maintain certain elements that relate them to centralization. And while many believe that it may be a short-term solution to jump-start the network, it remains to be seen whether DAGs can really evolve independently. Failure to do so could lead to attacks that could cripple your networks.

Another important disadvantage of DAGs is that they have not yet been tested on a large macro scale, so their performance is not guaranteed. Although cryptocurrencies based on DAGs have been in existence for several years, they still have a long way to go before they can be widely used. This creates some uncertainty about their possible development and the incentives for their future exploitation by users.

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