Sail The Seas & Earn Crypto In This Pirate NFT Game

Pirates are one of my favorite genre’s of games and when you mix in a play to earn element and NFTs, its like finding hidden treasure!

This NFT Pirate game is getting ready to launch and while the stakes are high, the plunder is even higher for the most deadly pirates on the seas.


0:00:00 Setup
0:00:39 Intro
0:02:01 Website
0:02:58 CPR Is The Ingame Currency
0:03:44 Couple Of Ways To Earn
0:04:50 Already Launched NFTs
0:05:54 Technical Packs
0:06:30 How It Works
0:07:15 Governance And Guild Token
0:08:12 Token Breakdown
0:08:57 Breakdown

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