Shitcoins VS Bitcoin (Secret Agent ‘Stache Investigates Shitcoin 2021)

Secret Agent Stache goes on a mission to infiltrate the Shitcoin 2021 conference which highlighted everything NOT Bitcoin.

I surprise my good bro Kenn Bosak on stage after sneaking up on the crowd Secret Agent Style!

Check out my quick discussion about NFT blockchain gaming & the “Play to Earn” shift we are seeing in the industry.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:25 Enter The Show
00:00:39 Breakdown
00:01:14 Sneek Up To Bosak
00:02:03 Standing Ovation
00:02:40 Miss Teen Crypto
00:02:49 Back To Stache
00:03:02 Stache On Stage
00:03:26 Play To Earn
00:04:43 Stache NFT Game Picks
00:05:47 Riz NFT Game Picks
00:06:46 The Multiverse
00:08:37 Secret Agent Stache Every Thursday
00:10:49 Cagyjan on Stage

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