Spider Tanks Game Launch! Free Play & Earn MOBA

I jump into disguise and head out on a mission to play Spider Tanks

Join Secret Agent ‘Stache for TOP SECRET THURSDAYS with guests from the team and Agent Riz holding it down at Crypto Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters.

Spider Tanks is a PVP Brawler designed and developed by award-winning Netherlands based GAMEDIA. Players choose between a number of Tank Bodies and Weapons in the garage, then battle it out in one of the many Spider Tanks arena maps. Spider Tanks is free to play, but also incorporates a variety of play-to-earn mechanics, centering around skill-based competition, resource collection, and a player-driven upgrade cycle.

MORE INFO: https://www.cryptostache.com/SpiderTanks

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JOIN ME IN DISCORD https://discord.gg/dyQbnKK


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