Street Fighter NFTs Launch on WAX – Interview with Lee Jenkins

As the NFT world continues to explode, more and more people are jumping on board and find themselves collecting something they have always been a fan of.

I talk with Lee, Product Manager at WAX all about the upcoming Street Fighter NFTs that they are helping Capcom release. We get into the full details of the sale, why these cards are so much different than the previous digital collectibles offered through WAX, and why the sale is specifically in USD and not in WAX crypto.


00:00 – Intro / WAX
07:27 – Capcom Goes Blockchain
11:49 – Street Fighter Basics
15:25 – Scarcity & Supply
16:23 – Pack Hoarders
21:26 – Mint #1’s Increased
23:01 – Sale Day Details
27:35 – Packs Priced In USD Explained

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