The Ethereum 2.0 Ponzi Scheme Exposed?

I think that Ethereum, Solidity, and EVM are an old outdated technology that CAN NOT evolve. It may take 5yrs to play out BUT eventually, people will start to realize everything that is wrong with Ethereum leads back to the fact that Solidity is an engineering nightmare! Now I don’t no if what I am saying here is fact or myth! But please let me know if you know how staking rewards are going to be paid out!

0:00 Ethereum 2.0 News
1:00 Ethereum Coin Bureau
5:00 Ethereum 2.0 Staking
10:00 Is Eth2 A Scam?
15:00 Why is Ethereum a Ponzi Scheme?
20:00 How Much Will COin Bureau Make From the Merge?
25:00 Ethereum VC’s Will Make Billions

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