The NFT Beat – Apes To Overtake Punks?, Hot Wheel NFTs, Roaring Leaders, Tarantino Sued

This week we talk about blue chip NFTs and how Bored Apes might take over CryptoPunk in sales volume. Who is next?

We also talk about the new Tarantino NFTs from Pulp Fiction being shutdown by Miramax studios, Hot Wheels NFTs launching on WAX, passive income NFTs like Roaring Leaders, REB3L Robots, Blockchain Miners NFTs & more!

Every Tuesday join ‘Stache and Kenn Bosak for the NFT Beat where we talk about NFT collecting, NFT tips & tricks, breaking NFT news and of course FREE NFT giveaways.

Join us LIVE on Theta dot TV for maximum interaction, fun, and freebies!

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