The NFT Beat – MLB leaving WAX? Lou Gehrig NFT, VeVe on Immutable, Marilyn Monroe NFTs

This week we talk about the MLB possibly leaving the WAX blockchain and where they are headed to!

I also look at an iconic Lou Gehrig NFT, VeVe NFT’s moving over to Immutable/Ethereum, Gnome Series, Yoshi Drops, Charlie Bit My Finger rug pull, The Gardens Between, our Artist of the Week Ruby Acres, and more.

Every Tuesday join ‘Stache and Kenn Bosak for the NFT Beat where we talk about NFT collecting, NFT tips & tricks, breaking NFT news and of course FREE NFT giveaways.

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0:00 Starting Soon
01:23 Intro
02:28 Whats Up With Bozak
04:49 First Sh!t Coin
06:53 Pirate Band
08:13 Beard & Mustache
09:49 Pack Giveaway
11:38 NFTs NFTs NFTs
12:21 Look At The Markets
16:01 Pick Your Sh!t Coin
17:33 Shiba Inu Sh!t
20:28 Musk Environment
21:55 NFT Market Down
23:27 Stache Pandas
31:58 Doja Cat
37:34 Blankos Updates
43:59 Axie Infinity
48:54 Fold Spin
51:59 Ember Sword
58:08 Sandbox Land Sale
01:03:21 Hodl God
01:06:33 Get Protocol
01:11:18 AndreArtR99
01:16:51 NFT Insider
01:20:50 Guild Of Guardians
01:24:27 Hidden Gems
01:27:59 Rising Star
01:29:38 NFT Giveaways
01:33:25 General’s Welcome
01:40:10 Cute Doodles
01:42:23 Guggenheim Building
01:45:15 CNBC NFT
01:51:56 Taha NFT
01:54:13 Finish Up
01:54:36 We Out

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