The NFT Beat – NFT staking, Street Fighter, Uplift Art, Axie, Sandbox Game, Elon Musk Doge & BTC

This week we talk about the Elon and Tesla Bitcoin pump and predicted a day before the tweet that Elon would announce a Doge purchase.

We get into staking Kenn Bosak nfts on rPlane, Street Fighter digital collectible cards launching on WAX, Uplift Art crate giveaway, Axie Infinity record setting sale, someone stole my WAX address, the Sandbox Public Sale, Stonk Wars sale, Soulja Boy’s crappy NFTs and more!

Every Tuesday join ‘Stache and Kenn Bosak for the NFT Beat where we talk about NFT investing, how to make money with NFTs, breaking NFT news and of course FREE NFT giveaways.

Join us LIVE on Theta on Tuesdays for all the fun –

00:00 – Market Watch
06:00 – Elon Doge & BTC
17:27 – Bosak on rPlanet
25:22 – Street Fighter on WAX
40:55 – Uplift Art
47:40 – Axie Record Sale
53:03 – Stolen Stache Addy!
56:55 – Sandbox Public Sale
1:10:26 – Stonk Wars
1:17:03 – Soulja Boy
1:20:02 – NFT pitfalls to avoid

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