The ‘Stache Classic Splinterlands NFT Tournament for $25,000 Prize

If you are looking for one of the best play to earn NFT crypto games on the blockchain and you are NOT playing Splinterlands yet, do you even game bro?

I team up with my friends at Zensports, Theta,tv and Splinterlands to put on an epic tournament with $25,000 in prizes.

Find out how you can enter no matter what level you play at.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:33 Setup
00:02:06 Breakdown
00:02:22 Website
00:02:48 How It Goes Down
00:03:25 When Does It Launch
00:03:50 Streemed On ZenSports
00:04:11 What To Love
00:04:38 Players For Each League
00:05:04 What It Comes Down To
00:06:13 Can’t Move Up Or Down Levels
00:07:01 The Good Stuff
00:08:10 Wrap Up

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