These NFT Games Will Blow Up In 2022

As the crypto metaverse expands we are seeing more and more quality games that are unique, fun to play, AND allow you to play to earn.

If you are looking for the next up and coming game to invest in EARLY then these hidden gems are for you.


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0:01:52 Panzer Dogs
0:03:28 Pixel Pix
0:06:04 Moonray
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Panzerdogs is a Solana NFT gaming project where users can own each in-game asset and use them to battle against each other in tanks. Think Brawl Stars, but with tanks and play to earn mechanics. Our focus is game first, then blockchain. By using blockchain technology, we believe
players of Panzerdogs will have a new way of interacting with gaming. Together with the community we are building a game that is accessible for a wide audience and fun to play.

Made by Lucky Kat Studios. An award winning game studio from the Netherlands with a proven track record of excellent games. Lucky Kat specializes in mobile & web games in the categories casual, mid-core and hypercasual. Our games have over 100 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play and we have been featured multiple times as Game of the Week on these platforms.

Pixel Pix

Blockchain adoption in gaming is rapidly growing, but the games are built from the blockchain perspective, in many cases neglecting the players. However, the gaming-first approach leads to the profound journey of digital mystery and adventure. Pixel is the universal building block. When the universe is broken down into these digital atoms, unlimited possibilities are revealed.

Pixel Pix is the first play-to-earn game where players have the opportunity to create their NFTs ‘from scratch,’ or more specifically – from a pixel.
Pixel Pix features an iconic design while keeping the familiarity and nostalgia of ‘the pixel.’ The main idea is to construct a vast digital world where pixels are the atoms and the building blocks of the PIXELVERSE environment and economy.

The only limitation in the PIXELVERSE is the number of pixels (1 billion). Everything else is unlimited and depends only on the imagination of the player.

Key mission:

1. Explore the PIXELVERSE. 2. Build your unique PIXIE, add characteristics, name them, and automatically generate in-platform trademarked NFTs. All creations will be tradable on Gamestarter NFTs marketplace. 3. Create, stake, fight, trade or buy 100% unique PIXIES.
Whichever path you choose – they’re all exciting!


Many millennia ago…
The Ur-being Iltar unlocked the secrets of the element miium.
Mastery of the element gave her god-like powers but it was never enough.
Over the centuries she completely conquered the galaxy, looking for every source of miium that she could find.

Channeling the awesome creative force of the element allowed her to mold planets, craft solar systems and create new lifeforms. She dominated the stars and reigned supreme for millennium after millennium.
But in one of the many worlds she had long forgotten about… a civilization stirred.

Discovering the incredible possibilities of the element, they came to worship it and remember the creator that had shown them its true potential.

A cult arose, as thirsty for miium as Iltar herself.
Using the sacred element to mold themselves in the image of their god, they sought to gain the same powers she had long ago unlocked.
Eventually, Iltar awoke from her divine slumber. She sensed her control over miium was slipping. Someone was looking for her.

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