These NFTs Can FIGHT In This NFT Action RPG Game

These cute chicks look cuddly and fun until you put a sword in their had and they start slashing monsters in their upcoming action RPG game that utilizes generative NFT avatars.

Why wait for other RPG games to launch on Solana when SolChicks is coming very soon?!?

Check out SOLCHICKS:

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:35 Intro
0:01:25 Website
0:02:30 SolChicks Trailer
0:03:39 Tailer Recap
0:04:08 IDO For $CHIKS
0:04:52 Two Coins In Game
0:05:33 Train And Bond
0:06:31 Large Team
0:07:28 Roadmap
0:08:00 Buy SolChicks
0:08:12 Breakdown

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More about SolChicks
What is SolChicks?

Our mission is simple: to be the leading fantasy NFT PvP and P2E gaming ecosystem on the Solana blockchain.
We built our game around adorable SolChick NFT collectibles, where players use their SolChicks as their characters in a unique gaming metaverse.

We believe with the right team and passion, we can revolutionise the industry.

Why SolChicks?

Each SolChick is uniquely created and carefully designed by highly experienced artists by overlaying various pre-designed attributes on the base SolChick character

Fully integrated gaming metaverse with exciting features. SolChicks is envisioned to be one of the most revolutionary NFT gaming ecosystem. Check-out the features page for the upcoming game features

Players will get paid to play in this new disruptive model of gaming where we reward players for their time and commitment to the game

40+ person team with deep resources and proven track record. SolChicks is run by a fully integrated team with a long term vision, and core team members have built successful blockchain projects and have experience at leading blue-chip consulting and finance institutions

Extensive partnerships with market leading blockchain institutions ensuring broad scale and seamless experience. Within only a few weeks Solchicks has secured partnerships with Chainlink, Brave, Grape, Altura and five secondary marketplaces

How Owners Earn from SolChicks

Earning SolCoins (our in-game currency) that could be used in-game
Earning $CHICKS tokens through weekly leaderboard / MMR rankings
Earning in-game rewards which can be traded on real world exchanges
Spending $SLC and $CHICKS to breed new SolChicks and selling them.


Test your skills and find out who has the mightiest SolChick in the battleground. PvP battle is an essential element of the game where your SolChick is pitted against others in team battles to gain experience and win prizes.

The battleground will match you with teammates and opponents of similar levels. From there, your SolChick will combat in a unique multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style skirmish. Climb the leaderboard and showcase your SolChick’s strength to players from all over the Solana universe!


Only the battle-hardened SolChicks can participate in raids, which are designed to have a significant increase in difficulty. Partner with other seasoned players and engage in co-op battles! Great spoils await those who triumph but it will not be an easy task. Be sure to choose your team wisely!


Baby SolChicks are fragile and need your attention to grow big and strong so that they can survive anything the wild throws at them. There are two ways that you can bond with your SolChicks; playing with them and feeding them.


Building a great relationship with your SolChick through bonding and winning PvP battles will earn your SolChick experience points. Once you have maxed out the EXP gauge for your level, your SolChick will level up and is one step closer to becoming the fiercest SolChick of them all.

And we have a lot more fun features coming through!

Here are a few more highlights:
SolChicks Breeding
SolChicks Farming
SolChicks Occupations
SolChicks Marketplace
SolChicks Gangs
SolChicks Land
Have you ever dreamed of owning your own land? Well, now you can!
SolChicks Weapons

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