These NFTs Could Earn Me $50,000 in Bitcoin

The StarShip play to earn game on the WAX Blockchain is just getting started, but already there is a TON to look forward to. From a hidden $50,000 Bitcoin prize to exclusive passive income generating space stations, this game has some hype.

I open a bunch of the new Pluto Alliance themed StarShip packs to get my ships ready to earn when the game launches.


0:00:00 Setup
0:00:42 Intro
0:01:36 The Development Cycle
0:03:51 Website
0:05:05 Build Your Fleet
0:05:38 Pack Unboxing
0:06:40 Pack Unboxing
0:07:01 Pack Unboxing
0:07:28 Pack Unboxing
0:08:04 Pack Unboxing
0:09:04 Pack Unboxing
0:09:45 Pack Unboxing
0:10:14 Pack Unboxing
0:10:39 Pack Unboxing
0:11:02 Pack Unboxing
0:11:48 Breakdown

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Travel through the universe, mine Kyanite and conquer planets. Hold $STARSHIP token to gain access to the game and receive a free and exclusive starship based on the amount of $STARSHIP in your wallet.
Space Stations are at the heart of player advancement. They are the central hubs where Starships are optimized via NFT stacking. Engage with players while they re fuel for their next mission to promote your brand.

Blank Space Station will be available to sale contact with Starship NFT

3 limited-edition custom NFTs (Gold, Silver and Bronze branded thematic NFT). 1 mint per rarity.
One branded Holographic NFT.
Central emblem customized to the specifications of the brand. The emblem is the main visual element that funnels Kyanite Gas through the entire Space Station to its core.
Color scheme customization based on the corporate colors of the brand
Exclusive influence 10,000 planets in the Space Station radius.
Space Station NFT owner receives 5% of all Kyanite Gas mined by players that launch from the Space Station
Audiovisual screen for video content advertising shown on loop
Section to link to brand external content such as online store, social media platforms, etc..
Text chat room for community gathering, promotions, and announcements.
Own an exclusive Category on Starship NFT Discord Server with Text and Voice channel.

StarShip and The Pluto Alliance share a common goal: Bring NFTs to the masses. The Pluto Alliance and StarShip partnership aims to increase awareness and adoption of NFTs through a series of campaigns to encourage users to experience the advantages of NFTs and make acquiring them simple and FUN. In the coming weeks, The Pluto Alliance and StarShip promotions will invite their communities and would-be investors to step into the realm of collectible and play-to-earn gaming NFTs.
For starters, The Pluto Alliance will receive a customized space station in the StarShip play-to-earn NFT game personally designed by Onikami Game’s Art Director Carlos Chinesta. Players will gather at these stations to prepare their fleets and chat game strategy, NFT pulls, and current game events. Further, the StarShip NFT play-to-earn game will be playable on The Pluto Alliance website at (currently in development) at the public Alpha launch later this month. And that’s just the tip of iceberg since…

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