They Cheated FOR YEARS!! Corporate Fraud in Plain Sight!!

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The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Explained:
VW’s Emission Damages Are Still Rolling In:
How VW’s Defeat Device Worked:
The Three Students Who Discovered VW’s Emission Scandal:
EPA’s Notice Of Violation Against Volkswagen:
John German, The Man Who Exposed The VW Scandal:
VW’s Diesel Scandal Cost Almost 30 Billion Dollars:


0:00 Intro
1:27 Setting The Scene
3:23 Background
7:19 VW’s Diesel Anti-Pollution System
11:01 VW’s Emissions Testing
14:02 EPA’s Notice Of Violation On VW
17:11 Volkswagen Compensation
20:35 Consequences Of The Scandal
22:23 Effects On VW’s Corporate
25:46 Conclusion


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