This NFT Marketplace Will Be The New Standard

Solana NFTs are going to be the next big thing to blow up. We have already seen the token price of SOL explode over the last few weeks to all time highs.

With the eminent launch of the Solsea NFT marketplace everyone can start creating NFTs on their own & more.

Find out why I think they could easily rival OpenSea.

More Info on SOLSEA:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:38 Setup
00:01:36 Breakdown
00:02:05 Website
00:02:53 Not Stopping There
00:03:50 Another Reason Why
00:04:57 More Sweet Features
00:05:42 You Want More?
00:06:17 Platform Sales
00:07:24 Covered All Of The Bases
00:07:57 Sweep The Floor
00:08:34 Wrap Up

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