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PAK’s ‘The Merge’ NFT:
Beeple’s ‘Everydays’:
Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza 313:
Sotheby’s ‘This Changed Everything’:
MAYC Serum Sells For $6 Million:
BAYC Auction At Sotheby’s:
9 Cryptopunks Go For $17 Million:
Republic Realm Purchases Plot For $4.3 Million:
Metaverse Group Purchases LAND For $2.43 Million:
Triple Mystic Axies Sell For $1.1 Million:


0:00 Intro
1:24 Introduction To The NFT Market
3:28 The Merge by Pak
6:18 Beeple’s Everydays
10:11 Fidenza 313
12:22 ‘This Changed Everything’ Art Piece
13:42 MAYC Serum
16:28 BAYC Sotheby’s Auction
17:03 Cryptopunks Christie’s Auction
18:30 Sandbox Plot
20:01 Decentraland Plot
20:54 Mystic Axie
22:28 Conclusion


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