Turnkey DeFi, DEX, & NFT Marketplace

Having a complete DeFi + NFT toolkit is starting to be a more and more important thing. A command center where you can watch all your passive income roll in and track all your NFT sales and stats.

I take a look at Dexkit that provides just that and I can’t wait to start using their WordPress whitelabeled NFT marketplace.

Try DEXKIT: https://dexkit.com

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:42 Breakdown
00:02:25 Website
00:02:43 DSwap
00:04:19 KITDEX
00:05:20 No Custity
00:06:00 The Exchange
00:07:15 NFT Marketplace
00:08:22 White Lable Marketplace
00:09:51 Stache Request
00:10:15 No Fees
00:10:32 DeFi Dashboard
00:11:30 Wrap Up

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