Utility NFT Token Set To Explode (Airdrop Details)

NFTs are a lot more than just buy low, sell high. There is a ton of behind the scenes work that has to be done for an NFT ecosystem to be successful.

The team at NeftyBlocks has been steadily improving the NFT experience on the WAX blockchain and with thousands & thousands of users they are finally releasing their platform token.

This is a must buy event for me.

Learn more about NEFTYBLOCKS: https://cryptostache.com/NeftyBlocks

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:37 Setup
00:02:18 Breakdown
00:03:20 What It Comes Down To
00:03:45 Have To Buy Packs
00:04:31 Other Features
00:05:38 Buyer Incentification
00:06:12 Important Details
00:07:22 Airdrop Bonuses
00:08:14 Bonus NFTs
00:09:08 Cross Collection Pack
00:09:41 What That Means
00:10:28 They Are Not Stopping There
00:11:35 One Stop Shop
00:12:08 Wrap Up

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