VRA Price Prediction 2022

VRA Verasity Crypto News Today! VRA Price Prediction 2022! What is VRA? According to Coin Market Cap, “What Is Verasity (VRA)? #vra #verasity #galaxie Founded on May 18, 2018, Verasity (VRA) is the next generation of video-sharing aimed at creating a fair system for creators to earn from their work, and advertisers to gain value for their ad spend.

It achieves this through its proof-of-value (PoV) protocol, its product layers, and its platform esportfightclub.com — a pro-gaming streaming platform which features esports tournaments like PUBG Mobile — which is Verasity’s most important use case according to their whitepaper. The website combines all of Verasity’s products into one platform owned and controlled by Verasity. With a growing number of users, the platforms offer rewards in VRA for watching, subscribing and winning.

Verasity.tv, another product of Verasity aggregates publishers for YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, VideoJS, Kaltura, FlowPlayer, iVideoSmart and publishers on other platforms were struggling to earn revenue for their work. Advertisers are not willing to spend as much money on current advertising platforms like Google and Facebook because they are not confident that humans are looking at it all. Verasity’s proof-of-view protocol layer technology detects and eliminates fraud in real-time. It uses over 200 touchpoints to ascertain whether humans or bots are watching a video. Verasity also hopes to expand its proof-of-view technology and data storage technology to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Verasity’s on-chain verification will make NFTs more valuable and add an extra layer of authentication to ownership claims.”

0:00 VRA Price Prediction 2022.
0:45 Verasity Tokenomics Explained.
1:23 Verasity Price Predictions.
2:10 Why Im Bullish on VRA Reason #1.
2:35 The VRA Verasity Community!
3:10 VRA Social Metrics Breakdown. (Lunar Crush).
5:30 VRA Bullish Reason #2 .
5:55 Verasity Patent Proof Of View.
6:25 #3 Verasity VRA Road Map 2022.
6:48 VRA Upcoming Events 2022.
7:02 VRA Galaxie Tournment 2022.
8:01 VRA Verasity Brightcove Partnership #4.
10:45 Why I Might be Bearish on VRA.
11:15 VRA Inflation Rate COuld Be EPIC BAD?
14:09 Verasity Price Prediction Today. Coin Codex.
14:45 Verasity VRA Trade Analysis.
15:55 VRA Price Predictions.
16:47 How High Can The Price of VRA go?
17:45 Verasity VRA Outro Ryan Matta.

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