What is APi3 Crypto?

Subscribe or I’ll Sell Your Crypto. APi3 Cryptocurrency Explained! What is API3? In todays video with UGUR from API3. We will do a deep dive into all things APi3! #api3 #crypto #cryptocurrency

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0:00 APi3 Cryptocurrency Explained
1:00 What is API3?
2:00 Ugur Mersinlioglu APi3 Lead Developer!
3:00 What is a API?
4:05 Why Cant APIs be directly Accessed by Smart Contracts?
7:45 Oracles vs Api’s
9:10 Are API’s Better than Oracles?
13:20 Who are API’s Partners and How do they Work?
17:00 API3 Token Burn Explained!
19:30 Api3 Staking Explained!
20:00 Is API3 Inflationary or deflationary?
23:30 Whats the Difference Between Chainlink and API3.
32:00 Why am I Bullish on API3?
33:00 Chainlink Tokenomics vs API3.
36:50 Ryan Matta API3 AMA Interview Review!
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