Who’s The Top Dog Of NFTs On Ethereum?

Since the concept of generative NFT avatars hit the Ethereum scene we have seen quite a few copies pop up, but which one of them reigns supreme?

Most of these Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) copies just don’t match up.

I talk with the creators of the Top Dog Beach Club about how they are focusing on community, transparency, and a roadmap that is jam packed with puppy dog goodness.

Check out TOP DOG BEACH CLUB: https://topdogbeachclub.com
Join their Discord: discord.gg/topdogbeachclub

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:47 Abby’s Story
00:02:09 NFT Worelwind
00:02:31 Paul’s Story
00:03:44 The Team
00:04:19 About Top Dog Beach Club
00:04:49 Stache Is The Model
00:07:18 Not Anon Team
00:07:57 What Inspired Abby
00:10:08 Mustache Love
00:11:29 Future Of The Project
00:13:18 Digging Game
00:14:00 AirDrop
00:14:54 Charity Work
00:16:19 Own All The Stache
00:16:50 Last Words

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