Will Axie Infinity’s Economy Survive This Update?

A NFT game with a play to earn economy can be a very fragile thing. One balancing update in the wrong direction and be devastating to the entire game and when it comes to play 2 earn NFT games, even devastating peoples lives.

I cover the latest updates to Axie Infinity that may or may not save the games SLP supply problems.

Play AXIE INFINITY: https://cryptostache.com/axieinfinity

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:40 Setup
00:01:21 Breakdown
00:02:21 Recent Update
00:03:00 Reducing AXS Cost
00:03:42 Why Is It Important?
00:04:14 Short Term Stop Gap
00:05:19 How I Really Feel
00:06:22 Breakdown

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