Will the Merge save Ethereum???

A reddit user wrote. Solidity is a mediocre language at best, but it got a lot of people interested in Ethereum. Kadena’s coding language Pact is going to do the exact same thing for Kadena. Because so many people will want to use it. More and more developers will begin building applications on Kadena using pact.

In language design and system design in general, it’s very often the case that “worse is better”, which is to say, the system that gets implemented fast and solves some immediate problems will tend to dominate; it’s basic memetics.

So in the universe of computer systems we are perpetually in a state where whatever dominates kind of sucks, relative to what we now understand to be good, and it’s hard work to move away because of inertia and network effects.

This is almost like a fractal phenomenon.

Look at Haskell, for example. That’s a very advanced language with groundbreaking features that make it both expressive and safe. But it took years for it to mature into its current form, and also, the accumulated knowledge now makes Haskell seem slightly outdated: the effect system could be more fine-grained; linear types are only now being implemented; dependent types are years away; the standard library has warts; etc.

The 0.4.16 release of Solidity suddenly included support for some forms of static analysis that actually go way beyond most other languages, namely SMT-based checking of arithmetic overflow using Z3. Even Haskell doesn’t have that (although you can do it and much more with an extension like Liquid Haskell).

So that’s a pretty cool development and makes you wonder what Solidity will look like in a couple of years.

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0:00 Why Does this industry continue to ignore Kadena?
0:20 Who is Monica Quaintance?
1:20 Why would Any business want to build on a proof of stake chain?
3:15 What happens if Proof of stake chains cant scale?
3:45 Ethereum Maxies Sounds like a CNN Reporter.
4:45 Eth Maxies Gets Called out by MIT Professor.
5:20 My two cents on Ethereum and Solidity.
6:00 Monica Droping B’s and Mics
6:40 How long will it take the crypto space to wake up?
7:20 What do you think Kadena’s Potential will be? Drop a comment below?

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