Will This NFT Gaming Token 100x?

NFT gaming is JUST getting started and nothing makes me more bullish then a company that is build a solid foundation & amazing games.

Now imagine the token that runs this beast of a gaming ecosystem… Its highly undervalued even with a recent pump and I tell you why I am so bullish on the future of this NFT gaming token.

Play GALA GAMES: https://app.gala.games

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:34 Setup
00:01:44 Breakdown
00:02:11 Website
00:02:59 Why Bullish
00:03:59 Sales In GALA
00:04:52 GALA Store
00:05:17 Run Your Own Node
00:06:36 Gala Token
00:08:26 Breakdown

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